Decking Options

Decking is a great option for a garden or outdoor space. It is often used for garden seating areas, and is a popular choice due to its natural look and feel. Decking can be a good choice for challenging sites where levels can be an issue, a deck can be installed at height with ease, whereas something such as paving would require huge amounts of build-up and extra material.

Advantages of Choosing Decking

There are many advantages to choosing Decking;

  • Practical
  • Strong
  • Weather resistant
  • Natural looking

Having a decking area can transform your outdoor space creating multiple different areas and levels, it can also be used for walkways and sometimes seating itself.

Decking Options

At J Drewe, we have been installing decking for many years, our team have the high skill level required to install various decking options for your outdoor space.

Our decking options include;

Composite Decking – composite decking has become popular in recent years due to its long lasting nature, the colours available and its attractive appearance.

Because it is plastic, composite decking is impervious to elements which affect wood such as rotting and insect infestations. Because of this, composite decking offers a low maintenance option for your garden.

Softwood Decking – There are a number of softwood deckings available, these range from the ‘traditional’ pressure treated pine, this can be a cost effective solution, but will not have the same life-span as more durable timber, Cedar and Siberian Larch are also softwood and have a very attractive appearance, although these are softwood they are very tough and will withstand a lot of foot traffic and damp conditions if looked after correctly.

Hardwood Decking – Hardwood such as Yellow Balau or Iroko are a very tough, durable option for a deck, although they will still require some work to maintain their appearance. Hardwood decking can be a beautiful choice for someone looking for something a bit special.

Millboard Decking – Millboard is our preferred composite decking option and is by far the most common deck we install. Our team are all Millboard approved meaning they have the skills, expertise and experience to install this popular decking option. Contact us for more information on the options we have available.

Decking Inspiration

If you’re considering a decking but not quite set on it just yet, why not take a look at some of our previous projects.

For more information on our various decking options or to discuss recommendations for your outdoor area please contact us.

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