Garden Lighting: Tips for Illuminating your Outdoor Space  

Garden lighting is more popular than it has ever been. During lockdown, after spending more hours than ever in their gardens. It seems that having a cosy outdoor space which remains function into the night is higher on the list of priorities.

It is a great addition to an outdoor space, however our clients usually require some guidance on where to position lights and what ones to choose, luckily we offer a service where we can plan your lighting scheme for you. We often give advice on;

  • How many lights required for the size of the garden
  • What colour lights to use
  • What to do with cables
  • Where to put the light to create the desired atmosphere

Garden Lighting Tips

Here are our top tips;

Less is more – it can be easy to think that you’re going to need lots of lighting in an outdoor space. However, with the efficiency and brightness of LED lights you may be surprised at how few you need to make a big difference.

It’s all about location – think about what you want to see when it’s dark outside. For safety reasons, steps are a must when it comes to lights. However, this can still be done stylishly to create a better ambiance.

You’ll find that less is more, with lights positioned correctly around an outdoor space, making the most of features like trees, steps and sculptures, minimal lighting is enough to completely transform the garden after dark.

Colour match – for a professional looking garden with a warm and cosy feel it’s best to choose a lighting colour and stick with it for the whole garden. Using a combination of yellow and white lights can often feel disjointed and unfinished. Keeping the consistency can make a big difference.

Cables and connections – this is another area where hiring a professional is really worthwhile. When you choose to work with J Drewe we can sort all cables and connections so that they are not only neat and tidy, they are also water proof and weather proof so they work all year round with no problems.

Common Pitfalls when it comes to Garden Lighting  

Getting the balance right when it comes to garden lighting can make or break your perfect outdoor space. Some of the more common pitfalls when it comes to garden lighting are;

  • Glare is overbearing due to lighting angle
  • No consideration being given to what has been illuminated and what to keep in the dark
  • Visible cables, these always catching people’s eye making them more of a focal point if they are not properly secured.
  • No consideration of brightness level when purchasing the lights.
  • Not prioritising garden lighting. For functional and aesthetically pleasing garden lighting, it should be considered from the design stage and not be an afterthought.

J Drewe Garden Services

At J Drewe, we can help incorporate garden lighting from the design stage of your makeover. We have a wealth of experience in fitting all elements when it comes to landscaping, and we know the difference it can make to an outdoor space.

For more information on garden lighting or to discuss your project, please contact us today.

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