New Build Garden Transformation – Oxford

  • Location – Oxford
  • Budget – £20,000+
  • Timescale – 3 weeks

Working with a new build garden is always a pleasure, as the space rarely requires more than a quick clear out.

This garden for a new build three storey home was designed by Sarah Naybour and took approximately three weeks to complete.

The initial stages of this project involved organising the different garden levels and preparing the base for the raised beds and the patio. The paving used is Black Granite from Hard Scape. Sometimes a dark paving can be overpowering in a smaller garden, but here it worked fantastically. Sarah and the client envisaged the garden to be an extension of their home, with the patio doors from the kitchen diner opening out onto an outdoor calm oasis.

The garden also features white rendered raised beds containing tropical plants and palm trees. The beds were one of the harder elements of the garden to complete but they proved worth it once they were finished.

The artificial grass used is Easigrass Mayfair. The space covered in grass cleverly allowed all of the plants to suit the space, including the more traditional trees used.

The screening surrounding the garden is painted softwood. The subtle grey colour further adds to the modern and sophisticated feel of the space.

Finally, we had a superb selection of lights installed which compliment the garden beautifully and allows the client to continue to enjoy the garden long into a summer’s evening.

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