We are launching a brand new website!

After 5 years we have finally decided to let go of the rains a little and allow someone else to design us a brand new website!

Jack created our original site himself back when the company first began.  Although the site worked well and was very user friendly, we wanted something far more unique, exciting and yummy for our customers to enjoy. We have known for some time that it would be far more professional to have a streamline site built for us.

Working alongside the team at Bubble Creative Solutions we have put together the perfect site. The new webpage complements our work beautifully and shows our projects in their finest light.

We have come such a long way since the first draft which we felt resembled our original site far too much. Whilst we loved our old site, we decided to go for a total overhaul and complete change for the new one, to really make it worthwhile. The original website was very white and plain although with plenty of images, but this time we wanted the images to be the main focus.

We wanted something minimalistic and contemporary – just like Jack’s favourite type of garden. After meeting with BC to discuss the changes we needed, the second draft was a hit! There were a few tweaks to iron out such as the justification of the text in our logo, but we were ecstatic about the new template.

We are so pleased with the final model and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed watching it come together. If ever you’d like to share any feedback with us, please don’t hesitate to email me directly to apryl@jdrewelandscaping.co.uk and if you are looking for a website of your own, head across to www.bubblecs.co.uk.

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