Types of Paving

Paving is a great way to give your garden a specific area – usually used for a seating area. There are different types of paving available. Each different type has different pros and cons.

Whether it’s for a garden, driveway or any other outdoor paving area, it’s important to take options into consideration before going ahead with any work.

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It’s important to decide exactly what type of paving you want to use and what is going to be the most suitable for your requirements.

Types of Paving

At  J Drewe we work with the best paving suppliers in the UK to ensure we are providing our clients with top quality products.

We have 4 different types of paving available. These are;

  • Block paving
  • Porcelain paving
  • Natural Stone Paving
  • Granite paving
  • Clay Pavers

More about our types of Paving

Block Paving – block paving is often used on driveways and pavements. Block paving is highly durable and can be very stylish.

Block paving is normally a concrete product, although there are some beautiful natural stone options available

The great thing about block paving is that individual bricks can be replaced if they become damaged rather than replacing the whole area.   

Porcelain Paving – porcelain paving is entirely non-pourus, this means the surface will not absorb any liquid. This prevents damage and staining. It is extremely strong and long-lasting and very easy to clean.

Porcelain paving can be a fantastic investment if a client is looking for a paving option that will maintain its appearance for a long time and stay looking fresh for years to come.

Stone Paving – there are many different options when it comes to stone paving, these include; granite, marble, sandstone, Limestone or slate. These are all natural stone which are then cut to shape for paving. Because of these there can be some difference in colour and markings.

Stone paving is particularly beautiful and has a stylish finish. It can also be more durable than concrete alternatives.

Granite Paving  – a tight grained and evenly textured paving type, granite paving is another stylish option for modern landscape design.

Granite paving is long lasting and highly durable. It requires almost no maintenance so is a perfect choice for those of us with a busy lifestyle. Granite can be a great choice for high foot traffic areas, making it a popular choice for property entrances and driveways.

Clay Pavers– Dutch clay pavers have proven to be a popular choice in gardens in recent years, due to the many colour options, small sizes and durability it makes them a very versatile product. Clay pavers can be used in driveways, patios, garden paths and laid as an edging.

Paving from J Drewe

When working with us for your paving, we will happily supply you with samples when selecting the type of paving required for your garden. Paving is long lasting so getting the right type for you is crucial. We are here to help in any way we can.

Because we have many years of experience in paving and have a passion for landscaping. We are able to provide paving solutions for all projects, from small garden patios to much larger fully paved spaces.

We supply all tools and machinery required and source all paving and accessories for your project.

If you would like more information on any of the types of paving we offer or would like to discuss your project please contact us.

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